Jessica O’Keefe

Jessica O’Keefe E-RYT 500, has 20 years of experience guiding people in yoga and movement education.  Her understanding of yoga and the human body has been influenced by Body Mind Centering, modern dance, dance therapy, and holistic health.  She encourages an authentic and life-nurturing practice, one that brings greater consciousness to each moment and each movement of the body.  Jessica teaches workshops throughout the U.S. and currently teaches at the Dallas Yoga Center and at her home in East Dallas.  Jessica teaches the 300 Hr. Yoga Somatics Teacher Training at the Dallas Yoga Center and has trained students to become teachers since 2005.

The Sacrum and The Tail
Through slow conscious asana and breath exploration we will sense, articulate and initiate movement from the sacrum and the tail and discover how waking up these parts may bring support and stabilization to the whole body.   We will spend time getting to know the patterns that create holding in the tissues and bones around the sacrum and find a deep connection and support that arises from a well supported sacrum and free tail.   Those who specifically have low back pain or sacroiliac joint discomfort may find this information invaluable.
All levels &  Yoga Teachers or Aspiring Yoga Teachers.
Intensity 4
75% asana / 15% lecture / 10% pranayama

Space in the Hip Sockets
Find the space and freedom in your hips sockets by getting to know the relationship between the pelvis and the legs.  How do your legs move in the pelvis and how does the pelvis move around the legs?  The practice will be slow and deep because we will be spending time creating balanced joint space in the sockets of the hips, removing obstacles and allowing new pathways of connection, support and movement to be experienced.   This class is highly recommended for those who experience hip socket pain, pelvic floor and digestive issues.
All & Yoga Teachers or Aspiring Yoga Teachers
Intensity 5
75% asana / 15% lecture / 10% pranayama

The Heart and the Lungs: Finding internal support from the organs in the practice of yoga

We will align the body in a way that you never thought possible, through the deep structures of the organs.  Through asana, we will find the internal support from the lungs and heart and allow this support to bring a new sense of space and freedom to the upper limbs, head and spine. When we become aware of the inner contents of our body we awaken to a new sense of space and volume bringing internal support to our external structure and container. It is the conscious attention you bring to the practice of yoga that changes your relationship to yourself and others.  By awakening new and unfamiliar parts of ourselves we reach into the roots of our human experience and our yoga becomes a fully creative, authentic and life nurturing practice
All levels & Yoga Teachers or Aspiring Yoga Teachers.
Intensity 5
70% asana / 10% meditation / 20% pranayama