Jessica O’Keefe, E-RYT-500

Jessica O’Keefe E-RYT-500, has 20 years of experience guiding people in yoga and movement education.  Her understanding of yoga and the human body has been influenced by Body Mind Centering, modern dance, dance therapy, and holistic health.  She encourages an authentic and life-nurturing practice, one that brings greater consciousness to each moment and each movement of the body.  Jessica teaches workshops throughout the U.S. and currently teaches at the Dallas Yoga Center and at her home in East Dallas.  Jessica teaches the 300 Hr. Yoga Somatics Teacher Training at the Dallas Yoga Center and has trained students to become teachers since 2005.

Bones, Bones, Glorious Bones
Let’s get into our bones and allow the skeleton to be the support in which we initiate movement from.  We will begin to quiet the muscles to listen to what the bones can teach us.  We will identify the layers of bones and learn why the skeletal system is so important.  We will play with the possibility of moving from the tissues of our bones and allowing breath and movement to express itself through the pathways of weight and relationship through our skeleton.
All levels    intensity 4


Fluid Spine-A Sense of Self
In this Workshop, we will awaken the fluid contained nature of the spine and allow it to move more freely in all of its various directions.  When our midline, central axis, spine, moves continuously from one end to the other, the whole body has the opportunity to become more integrated and whole.  The midline of the body is where our sense of self originates and as a result, as we allow the spine to fluidly flow in its contained center our relationship to our self becomes more clear and present.
All levels    intensity 5


Diaphgrams – Feet & Pelvic Floor
The pelvic floor is a diaphragmatic structure that supports the vital organs and forms the base of our whole body.  The tissues of the pelvic diaphragm breathe and move like a buoyant trampoline with every step you take and yet the tissues of the pelvic floor are often unknown and quietly forgotten. Through slow and conscious asana and breath exploration we will spend time remembering the relationship between the spring like arches of the feet and our pelvic diaphragm and wake up the vitality of the pelvic floor tissues and organs inside the pelvis to bring a sense of integration and wholeness.
All levels    intensity 4


Embodied Asana
Yoga is a Movement Form and trust is the practice. Let’s bring the joy of movement into every part of our body while we trust the natural instincts of our own body in our asana practice.  We will bring awareness inside and out, awakening our sense of center and its relationship to our limbs and from our limbs back into our center.  When our own body follows its own natural impulses we can begin to explore how our body is not separated into fixed or isolated parts, but in fact our body functions and supports itself as a well organized, fluid and integrated whole.
All levels    intensity 5


Developing Your Ability to See
In this workshop, we will hone our observation skills and practice clarifying what it is we are really seeing when we look at another human being in an asana.  Spending time looking at and observing various bodies in various asanas is a practice and the better we get at articulating what it is we are actually seeing, the better teacher we are.  As teachers, we really can’t practice this enough.  We will practice developing a language of inquiry and curiosity in regards to what it is we are seeing, so that we can more clearly support and bring awareness to our student’s journey.
Teachers    intensity 3