Genevieve Yellin, ERYT500, PYT1000
Austin, TX

Genevieve Yellin’s background as a research scientist before transitioning to full-time Yoga Therapist is evident in her approach to Yoga Therapy. Her teaching serves as an accessible bridge between the ancient teachings of Yoga and modern medical sciences.  She is the founder & director of a non-profit organization and is faculty in Yoga Therapy and Trauma Informed Yoga trainings worldwide.

Trauma Informed Yoga
An overview of the key concepts Yoga with a trauma informed approach.  Simple steps to reduce the likelihood of activating or re-traumatizing a student in a Yoga class.
All levels  & Yoga Teachers or Aspiring Yoga Teachers.
Intensity 2

How the Polyvagal Nerve Theory (PVNT) applies to Yoga Therapy
Dr. Stephen Porges’ PVNT and its application for treating trauma is the basis for our understanding of what we see in the Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy (TIYT) field.  Understanding the application helps Yoga Therapists/Teachers understand and connect with a wide variety of students who have a trauma history.
Yoga Teachers or Aspiring Yoga Teachers.
Intensity 1