Victor Parachin
Tulsa, OK

Victor. M. Parachin is director of the Tulsa Yoga Meditation Center and co-founder of Yoga Spirit Academy, a yoga teacher training school. He teaches yoga, meditation and is author of several books including: GPS For Our Souls: A – Z Coordinates To Enlightenment; Swami Vivekananda: Essential Writings; and Eastern Wisdom For Western Minds.


Tony Horton, creator of the popular P90X exercise system says that if a law were passed limiting him to one type of exercise he’d pick yoga explaining:  “Yoga is resistance, it’s balance, it’s coordination, it’s stamina, it’s even cardiovascular, depending on how you do it. I can turn yoga into anything.”   Yoga For Athletes will build muscle, strengthen bones, improve balance, develop core and provide an excellent cardiovascular workout.
Optimistic beginner to advanced
Intensity 6 – 7
75% asana / 10% lecture / 15% pranayama, meditation, savasana
(Props:  mat, bolster, blanket, blocks, strap)


It’s well documented that yoga heals.  And, it’s equally well documented that meditation heals.  When yoga plus meditation are combined, the result is super healing in a holistic way –  body, mind, spirit, emotions. Discover and experience the therapeutic powers of these two spiritual practices.
Beginner to advanced
Intensity 2 – 3
45% meditation / 35 % asana / 20% lecture
(Props: mat, bolster, blanket, blocks, strap)


Present within each person is the power to balance chakras using seed sound syllables called “bija” mantras.  In this workshop, you will participate with a group to explore and experience sound healing meditations to tune up your energy and enjoy greater levels of peace, harmony, clarity, relaxation, love, compassion and awareness.  Together, accompanied by an Indian musical instrument called a shruti box, participants will go through the seven bija mantras balancing and harmonizing the seven chakras.
Beginner to advanced
intensity 1 – 2
80 % sound meditation / 20 % lecture
(Props:  a bolster or block and blanket to sit on)