Thom Allen, LPC, E-RYT-500

For more than 25 years, psychotherapist and yoga teacher Thom Allen has been sharing his passion for yoga wellness through his company PranaDynamics.  Students enjoy his unique style that is mentally stimulating, physically exhilarating and spiritually inspiring.  With experience ranging from restorative therapeutics and meditation to power yoga flow, Thom works with a variety of populations, from those with terminal illnesses and their caregivers to corporate executives and professional athletes.  As a psychotherapist Thom does mindfulness work with a variety of clients to return life into balance for sustainable wellness.  He is also the founder and President of the nonprofit organization Prana Project; a tribe of yoga & wellness individuals making a difference in our community, one action at a time.

Svadhyaya Yoga – the journey to self
Long practiced as one of the five Niyamas, positive observances recommended for a liberated state of existence, Svadhyaya is the study of the self.  By discovering the beliefs that sabotage our happiness we are able to tap into infinite joy. Join yoga teacher and psychotherapist Thom Allen for an exploration into the practice of self-study through the path of yoga.  By mindfully investigating the shadow nature of our beliefs through yoga asana interwoven with self-inquiry work, we gain insight, courage and access to our true inner self. Packed with modification options, this class accessible to most ages and bodies. If you are ready to be inspired and transformed from the inside out, this empowering experience is for you!
Intermediate-advanced intensity 7

The Yoga of Caring
As yoga teachers, we inevitably have students who are either dealing with some type of life threatening illness or facing the potentially overwhelming role as a caregiver.  In this interactive class, you will learn how fear sabotages our physical, spiritual and emotion health when dealing with illness as well as the important role that yoga serves when caring for oneself and others.
Teachers   intensity 2


The Peaceful Warrior
This unique style of practice links pranic breathing with both dynamic flowing movements as well as power building postures in one amazing experience. Often referred to as meditation in motion, this class is designed to cultivate strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, focus, and serenity. Packed with modification options, this class accessible to most ages and bodies. This challenging and inspiring practice is sure to transform you from the inside out. If you are ready for change, this class is for you.
Inter – adv  intensity 8/10