Summer Greenlees

Summer has been a Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist for 20 years. Her passion and enthusiasm in Yoga comes from Embodiment and somatic practices like developmental movement repatterning, as inspired by Donna Farhi, Body Mind Centering, and her 20 years experience with Yoga and Massage Therapy especially for the childbearing year, including 12 years of hands on experience attending births professionally, using tools from yoga, breath, and touch. Summer brings together movement re-patterning, embodied anatomical awareness in asana, therapeutic application and breath based meditation in motion for an experience of complete renewal and integrated alignment of mind, body, and spirit! Yoga Teaching Certification from Shannon Potts Hickey in 1997, Yoga Teaching Certification from The Yoga Institute of Houston in 2001, Advanced Yoga Studies Certification from Donna Farhi in 2007.

Yoga Renewal

In this class we will delve deep into the cellular level to explore the dynamic, living matrix of our cellular, breathing body. Learn how to access this embodied connection to bring refreshment and renewal to your breath, bring an access point of stillness to the mind, and reveal enlivened flow of prana throughout the entire body while practicing yoga. We will anchor our practice in an exploration of yeilding and grounding our breath through the body with the earth and spaciousness, in cooperation with gravity for a sense of profound stability and ease. Bring the fruits of this practice with you into your every day movements and your yoga practice. Become renewed!
Yoga Teachers and Aspiring Teachers, intensity 3