Molly Lannon Kenny, MS-CCC, E-RYT

Molly Lannon Kenny is the founder of The Samarya Yoga School, a training organization dedicated to individual transformation. She has been featured in Yoga Journal¨ Yoga Chicago¨ Yoga Northwest¨ Wisdom Magazine¨ and the New York Times¨ among others. Molly is known as a funny, accessible and super knowledgeable teacher. Her book, No Gurus Came Knocking, is now available on Amazon.

Developing Wisdom Presence
In our collective effort to secularize yoga, we have often missed the opportunity for connection to divine presence, the very foundation for reflection and relationship through yoga. In this inspiring workshop, we will discover the transcendent heart of yoga as it is described in the Bhagavad Gita, and the ways in which we can deepen a sense of divinity in service to others through each of the four yogas.  
All levels   intensity 1

Asana as delight
Join Molly for a deeply connecting asana class where we will combine Samarya style group discussion with some vigorous playful asana (everyone welcome!), a nice long savasana and some chanting and meditation. This is mostly an asana class, made accessible to whoever joins us.
Int/adv     intensity 7

The Chakra System
The Chakra system is an ancient energy system that can be harnessed in a variety of practical ways. Through movement, discussion, chanting, visualization and breath, we will explore this powerful system in a fun and accessible learning environment. NO experience necessary, this class is appropriate for all levels of practitioners, including yoga teachers who wish to learn how to explore the chakras with their own students.
All levels    intensity 2

Integrated Movement Therapy
Integrated Movement Therapy is a profoundly healing and effective therapy framework that uses the practices and principles of yoga combined with best clinical practices to create measurable outcomes. In this overview, yoga students, teachers and therapists will be inspired and informed and will leave with concrete foundational tools for working with all kinds of life challenges
Rx, all levels    intensity 5

Sanskrit Pronunciation with Kirtan

In this fun and fast moving workshop, we will explore Sanskrit, the scholarly and religious language of yoga, first by practicing some simple call and response devotional singing, then by breaking down one of the most commonly used mantras in Western yoga classes. Once we are all excited and ready to dive deeper, we will learn the simple code for Sanskrit transliteration so that students can better pronounce the basic Sanskrit vocabulary of yoga. Past students have raved about this class and have left feeling confident in their ability to teach using Sanskrit, and filled with a far deeper respect for this sacred language.
All levels    intensity 2

Sharing deeper yoga – finding an authentic voice to share yoga philosophy 

One of the most healing aspects of a yoga practice is the philosophy behind it. Unfortunately, many yoga teachers are afraid to share yoga philosophy because: they have never been taught it themselves; they don’t really understand it themselves; they are not sure how to share it with others; they feel pretentious or otherwise unprepared to share. In fact, we have probably all been to as many classes where philosophy shared has felt superficial or preachy as classes where philosophy is not mentioned at all. Join Molly in this supportive and practical workshop where she will help you to understand basic sutras, reflect on them, and practice sharing them authentically. In Samarya yoga, the style of yoga classes developed by Molly, all teachers offer a historically accurate, down-to-earth, and highly applicable “dharma talk” at the beginning of class. You can easily learn this valuable skill too!
All levels    intensity 2