E.B. Ferdig, E-RYT-500

E.B. is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT-500, and  is an Integrated Movement Therapy practitioner and trainer.  She helps people discover their individual strengths and spiritual focus for greater empowerment in their lives and in the world.  She is a co-creator of unfold, a yoga studio in Portland, Oregon that focuses on accessible movement and meditation practices.  She has been teaching yoga and dharma for over 13 years.

Loving-Kindness – A Moving Meditation

Explore movement and meditation, using loving-kindness as the central theme.  Asana will gently usher your body into movement and increased energy to start your day with kindness and intention.  The class will end with a guided meditation that will explore the practice of metta, an attitude of building compassion toward all sentient beings.
All levels   intensity 4

The Tao of Dharma 

Drawing from the Wisdom Traditions  – Explore the teachings of the Bhagavahd Gita and the Tao Te Ching, with the aim to uncover and embrace more of our personal strengths, and how we can live them out in our dharma, or personal life purpose.  By utilizing the goal of balance of yin and yang, doing and not doing, effort and surrender, we can learn to be more effective as teachers, as activists, and as people in the world.
All levels   intensity 3

Alphabet of the Heart

This practical workshop offers structure from which to understand and explore our personal challenges and opportunities in heart-opening.  Participants will delve into Dr. James Doty’s Alphabet of the Heart to increase self-compassion and connection to others.  Includes gentle and restorative movement to explore bodily aspects of heart-opening and personal grounding.  Concludes with a guided loving-kindness meditation.
All levels   intensity 2

Yoga for Anxiety – for the Individual and Professional

Explore the science of anxiety, and how yoga tools help reduce anxiety in concrete, practical ways.  We will explore various movement styles, relaxation practices and meditation techniques, to determine what is most effective for you as an individual to reduce worry.   You will build an individualized home practice, to fortify your resistance to stress and anxiety.
All levels   intensity 3